Xbox One S HDMI Repair

HDMI Ports are a very delicate interface integrated to the xbox one s console. It can be easily damaged by using a damaged cable or a sharp tug or pull at the cable can result in damage to the port which is required to use the console. At Rapid Tech we are able to replace the port on your console with a new one to give it a new lease of life. These repairs are generally completed within 2-3 business days however on occasion it may take slightly longer due to parts availability etc.

Replacement of this part requires specialist skills, knowledge and equipment and unfortunately isn't replaceable at home for the most part. 

While in for an HDMI port replacement we will also remove dust from within your console making it far quieter and run much cooler when you get it home. 

We offer collection and redelivery across much of Hertfordshire and Essex so please contact us to arrange. 

Areas covered include:

  • Harlow
  • Cheshunt
  • Waltham Cross
  • Broxbourne
  • Hoddesdon
Xbox one s HDMI port damaged